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Rising Sun Tanning Salon

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use tanning lotion?

When your skin is hydrated it allows the UV rays to penetrate the skin thus allowing you to develop a deeper darker tan. Research suggests that you tan 67% quicker when you tan with tanning lotion. Today many of the lotions on the market have anti-aging components, bronzers and tingle factors to enhance your tanning results. Basically, when you lotion up your getting more bang for your buck and time. We have really great lotions at incredible prices!! They range from $9.99-$34.99 a bottle lotion for 8 oz - 9 oz bottles.  These are sold elsewhere for $45 to $100.00 a bottle. We have the right lotion for your skin type. Also, we sell lotions to everyone! Doesn't matter if it's a gift, if you have your own bed, or tan somewhere else!  Our lotions are designed just for you!!

What is bronzer?

Lotions that contain bronzers have a bronzing cream in them that coats your top layer of skin with a golden or bronzed color, much like that of a sunless tanning spray except it won’t leave you orange or streaky. Bronzing lotions are great for people wanting the look of a tan quick. The bronzer flakes off with your dead skin cells but your tan from the beds will still remain.

What is tingle-factor?

Lotions that contain a tingle-factor have an active ingredient in it that irritates the skin. When the skin is irritated blood rushes to the surface of the skin and in your blood is melanin, your body’s natural pigment to tan. Using a tingle-factor lotion is not for everyone as the tingling sensation the lotion causes can be quite irritating and last for a couple hours after tanning. For those of you who can’t handle the tingle-factor lotions exercising before tanning will also give you the same results as using a tingle-factor lotion without the “tingling” sensation.

Will the goggles leave tanning lines?

No, you are not in the beds long enough to leave lines or give you raccoon eyes. Back in the day with the 30 minute beds and old bulb technology goggle lines and raccoon eyes were very possible but not today.

Do I have to wear goggles?

Yes, unless you want to develop night blindness. We are legally required to provide you with goggles but once you are in the room we have no control what you do, but usage is HIGHLY recommended. If you don’t like the idea of using goggles some else used we do sell them so you can have your own pair.

Should I burn first to develop a tan?

No, most people have this diluted notion that they need to burn first before they can develop a tan. When you burn you are causing damage to your skin. Prolonged damage can lead to things like wrinkles, age spots and even cancer. You will want to start off slow and at the recommended time for your particular skin type.

How often should I tan?

Depends on your skin type and desired results. When first starting out you will want to tan more frequently to build your base tan then once desired results are achieved you will only need to tan once or twice a week to maintain results.

Can I wear sunblock in the beds?

Absolutely, as long as the sunblock doesn’t contain mineral oil. Some people are highly sensitive to UVB rays and develop sun poising and using an SPF the first couple sessions helps these individuals. Also, if you don’t want your face tanned then an SPF made for faces is recommended.

Should I remove my makeup before tanning?

Yes, makeup should be removed as many foundations and blushes have different levels of SPF which can cause an uneven tan and the appearance of blotchiness.

What is the difference between UVA and UVB?

UVA is the tanning ray. UVB is the burning ray. The bulbs technology today is more UVA and less UVB. In fact, Ohio is one of the few states that require the use of these types of bulbs.

Can I use lotion I purchased somewhere else?

Yes, as long as it does not contain mineral oil. Lotions that contain mineral oils ruin our acrylic. We ALWAYS know when you use lotions with mineral oil so if you are caught using the lotion you will be asked to quit using it ONCE. If you are caught using it again you will be given the option to forfeit your package or pay the cost of a new acrylic.

If I got burnt how long should I wait before I tan again?

Your body keeps tanning 48 hours after being exposed to UV rays hence the reason you feel hot at night after tanning. If you have any areas that are pink or hurt to touch you need to wait a full day before you tan again. You will not want to increase your tanning time once you do come back to tan and consider decreasing your time for a couple sessions. It is important to slowly build your tan, increasing your time with 1 minute increments.

How long can I tan?

It depends on your skin type and the bed you are tanning in. Normally clients start out at 4-5 minutes in the Powerhouse beds and 10-12 minutes in the Economy beds.