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Rising Sun Tanning Salon

Stand-up Booths

The stand-up booths are our strongest beds. Each booth has 46 specialized bulbs that produce more UVA and less UVB which, means more tan less burn. At an 11 minute max tanning time the results are a deeper darker tan in less the time. The stand-ups have no reflectors therefore the light ray goes directly into the skin which means the tan goes in deeper and stays longer. In addition, booth tanning eliminates those embarrassing tanning line that you get from a lay down bed. 

Economy Beds

Ovations 144

The Ovations beds are comparable in strength to the stand-up beds except your laying down. The Ovations 144 beds have 44 bulbs which also produce more UVA and less UVB at maximum tanning time of 15 minutes. In addition to a relaxing 15 minute tan, you have the option of tanning in an Ovation 144 bed with 3 facial bulbs for maximum face tanning or opt to tan in one without them.  

Powerhouse Beds

 Ovation 134

Got a limited budget but want a great tan then the  Ovation 134 beds are what you're looking for! At 20 minutes with 34 bulbs and three facial bulbs  and 15 minutes with 34 bulbs and 3 facials in the Ovation 134 beds these beds pack a real punch.  because these beds are still 2 1/2 time stronger than a regular 20 minute tanning bed.